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absence of tolerance...

this... to me is the very definition of prejudice...and entitlement. if honest, when/or if we think about it, we all have our own biases,

our own prejudices which go far beyond skin color, religion, gender bias, social standing etc.
my question is why... what makes anyone's opinion of something, or someone, more valued? (since opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge)
do we need to be convinced that our way of thinking is anything other than our way of thinking?
amazingly it is actually possible to listen to someone else's opposing viewpoint without agreeing with them or even expressing your own views. not poised to respond but actually respecting a person enough to listen...
ask yourself why you have discussions with others...to dictate your point of view?... expecting reciprocation?
or interact throwing around ideas to discuss and build on? you can learn something from every person you interact with. you even learn about yourself if willing...
intent has a huge bearing... do you dictate or discuss? lecture or listen?
are you so closed minded that you feel it is imperative that you tell people they are mistaken?
are you so adamant in your opinion that you could not possibly perceive the prospect of being wrong?

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