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an artistic mind...

they say write about what you know...
i think this is what was meant by that... the emotion, the elation,the discouragement, the jubilation. the darkness... the light...the raw honest awareness. we identify with these things by our experiences.

my words are my insides... curious, conflicted, confident, pessimistic.
years of accumulated monumental minutiae pigeonholed away.
writing has been an amazing way to get my feelings out in front of me...
where i can see them, sort them, embrace them, acknowledge them, be surprised, amused and even have moments that changed my life because of them!!! stuffing feelings away lets them fester, and manifest themselves into things that are frightening, and ugly.  it has been my experience that it is extremely empowering to get them out, away from you.
doesn't matter how eloquent you express yourself, what matters is that there are things in there that need to be addressed. because one way or the other, they show themselves!  when we find a way to express ourselves, our eccentricities, our aspirations,
the deep dark things we tuck away... become a little less frightening...
we empower ourselves by confronting and touching the scary parts and deciding
they no longer have control over us.  i have been around creative artistic people my whole life. we observe differently, we absorb differently, we express and conceal differently, we articulate and withhold. the depth of our understanding is no more or less than any other... it seems to be, however, different. sometimes extremely different!!! i embrace the similarities and respect the differences. i hope you will come to do that also!!! we all have our “stuff”. you are never more or less, you are just you. write, paint, play, create in whatever way it is you need to do to sort through or get by, you are worth the effort of getting beyond things that keep you from looking and moving forward!!!!

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