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a harsh realization i've continually come up against is when something or someone hurt me... i let them, even if nothing else than by the way i reacted to a situation. i let people in. i assume and expect to be treated with reciprocation. when that doesn't happen i become disillusioned, not realizing i set myself up by my expectations and assumptions.
feeling hurt, frustrated, distressed, sometimes even fearful we lash out and become angry. "look what YOU did to me..."
the hard thing to embrace is... "look what I LET you do to me..."
when we let someone in, we risk becoming vulnerable and relinquish a certain
amount of control. we lash out to protect ourselves when we feel we've been
taken advantage of and subsequently mistreated, either placing blame on
another's participation or on our own inadequacies.
simplistically... depression is anger and helplessness turned inward.
some who have been mistreated emotionally, and physically understand first
hand how painful it is. rather than inflict that pain on another, they turn it on themselves. although difficult, we can no longer turn away from how we all are touched in some way by our vulnerabilities.
life is an ongoing process...you are worth the investment of overcoming
the things that hinder your moving and looking forward.

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