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incessantly cruel...

by running from what we fear we feed the inner darkness. ~Tara Brach
stepping back to see an abuser truly for what they are takes tremendous courage and strength. doesn't matter how young or old you are...
being victimized verbally, emotionally and/or physically does a tremendous amount of damage, long and short-term in how we relate to others and how we see ourselves. those who are abused have a tendency to become abusive, even if we direct that abuse inward on ourselves because we know just how painful it can be and our preference is not to inflict that kind of pain on someone else!
although difficult, we can no longer turn away from how we all are touched in some way by abuse. high expectations can create devastating disappointment. some we place on ourselves, and some others place on us. please give yourself the present of worth. if you need help, as a recipient of abuse, or as one who has become abusive, please find it!!!

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