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passive aggression...

"what we have here is a failure to communicate..." ~ Cool Hand Luke (1967)
constructive communication seems to have taken a monumental back seat to quick-tempered, resentful and sometimes extremely inappropriate written and/or  verbal assault. i am very vehement about emphasizing that it is truly bullying, having become an aggressive invasion at an alarming rate.
words hurt. if we are honest there will be an admission to engaging in reactionary opinion directed at someone else’s behavior, thoughts, or beliefs. verbally showing no restraint, recoiling rather than thoughtfully responding toward whomever happens to be in our sight at the moment, verbally violent, lashing out.
even if we're passive aggressive about it. there is a line that has been crossed. it seems we have become what we profess to loathe.
we're angry, we're hurt, we're scared, we're disappointed... for whatever reason, we lash out.
hurt people hurt people and those who are abused have a tendency to become abusive. depression is merely anger turned inward.
there is no shortage of bullying, and the problem seems to be our willingness to accept and enable this has become a huge integral part of our society. we need to own the fact that we are teaching our children how to bully in the name of voicing our opinions.
we are showing that no restraint needs to be taken when we express our opinion. and we are enabling this by passing it on... again, we are all guilty if we are honest with ourselves.

i am tired of watching people attack each other, belittle and annihilate others thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and enthusiasms because they have become "intrusive" and we feel threatened. we control how we react.

how much of what we believe is based on someone else’s way of thinking... and how willing and in what ways do we to act on those beliefs?

i understand if you have some reservation for this after all is just my observation...

~ kj miller ~

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