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reacting to bias...

people tell on themselves by their assumptions, or the intentions and implications of those expressing themselves.   more times than not when you touch a nerve or become the recipient of backlash there is a kneejerk emotional reaction rather than a well thought out response. everyone is entitled to express their opinions, which are more often than not based on their experiences. however it is my opinion, with that expression comes responsibility. words and actions are extremely powerful, sometimes moving individuals or groups to passionately act upon things that you may or may not agree with. the more a situation becomes volatile, the more possibility there will not be a quick or amicable solution. expectations and assumptions can make us vulnerable and open to being manipulated. and there is a possibility of us becoming as extreme as those we accuse. if there is a willingness to sweep our own porch things will progress... we recently all have and will continue to live through history making events. change is an inevitability. it always is... what is easy for some, may be painful to another.
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